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S E R I E S - W E B / T V

To date, I've completed two seasons of series programming for web and television. 

T H R O W I N G   S T O N E S

A group of high school students are forced to come together and overcome their differences in order to survive Saturday School when one by one students end up missing.  Throwing Stones the teen horror web series has garnered attention from MTV, numerous horror and teen sites, and can be seen on Mingle Media TV, KoldCast TV, and the iThentic Network. As well as this YouTube Channel.

Watch episodes of Throwing Stones at the official Throwing Stones YouTube channel! 

Throwing Stones: Season 2 - Official Trailer

Video selections from the series

          I was asked by a Director I work with to assist with the sound for a horror series he was hired to helm.  I was responsible for cleaning up and editing dialog, Foley, sound design, and mixing.  I was provided raw stems along with a set of notes and given reasonable leeway to augment the visuals with compelling audio elements that would help push the narrative.  I imported everything into Pro Tools HD and worked on one episode per week until the project wrapped.  The following are selected excerpts from Season 2 of Throwing Stones.

Throwing Stones: Season 2 - Episode Two

Throwing Stones: Season 2 - Episode Six

Throwing Stones: Season 2 - Episode Four

Throwing Stones: Season 2 - Episode Eight

L U N C H   B R E A K

Low on funds, Bryce Snodgrass decides to start an inner-office drug
ring to make ends meet.  While using his lunch break to check in on
his clients, he meets Chad and their adventures begin.

WARNING: Adult content and language.

Watch episodes of Lunch Break at the official Lunch Break YouTube channel! 

Lunch Break - Episode One

Video selections from the series

          This was a fun, short project produced by The Swisher Brothers and starring some of Texas' hottest young talent.   I was responsible for cleaning up and editing the dialog, Foley. sound design, and printing the final mix.  All work was done in Pro Tools HD.

Lunch Break - Episode Two

Lunch Break - Episode Five

Lunch Break - Episode Three

Lunch Break - Episode Six

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